In 2001, Railtrack announced that it would not undertake, due to its own financial problems, to acquire Section 2[35][36] [37] and to initiate a second restructuring. [38] In the 2002 plan, it was agreed that the two sections had different owners (Railtrack for Section 1, LCR for Section 2), but with common rail management. After further financial problems at Railtrack,[39] their interest in LCR was resold, which then sold the rights to operate the completed line to Network Rail, Railtrack`s successor. As part of this agreement, LCR became, in accordance with the original 1996 plan, the exclusive owner of the two sections of the CTRL and the De St Pancras land. [Citation required] In 2001, changes were made to the new Stratford International station and the West Coast Main Line. DB Cargo is a global carrier with a strong interest in transporting goods by road in Europe. [122] While high Speed 1 was built with freight loops, there has been no freight traffic on the line since it opened in 2003. [123] On March 16, 2011, March 25, 2011, a modified 92-series locomotive with Dollands Moor`s TVM430 signal system was based for the first time on singlewell. [125] A container train in charge first travelled to Novara, Italy, on 27 May 2011. After further testing with loaded cars,[127] db will upgrade five 92-series locomotives to high Speed 1. [128] Since 11 November 2011, a weekly European mobile checkout service has been operating between London and Poland with the High Speed 1. This station was transformed in the early 1990s as An Ashford International for international connections from the European continent; These included the installation of two platforms north of the station (the original platform had been taken over by international services). Unlike normal LGV stations in France, the tracks at Ashford International station are more one-sided than through.

[57] The number of services was reduced after the opening of the Ebbsfleet station. On 29 June 2009, high-speed domestic traffic began between Southeastern and London St Pancras. GAI-Tronics develops and manufactures weatherproof phones and vandalism for stations,… In April 2009, HS1 and DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd signed a cooperation agreement to develop modifications to the 92-series locomotives to allow them to operate on the high-speed line.