Look at our search for transfer agreements to find published agreements between institutions. Perhaps you think: „Guaranteed entry? Did I read it correctly? Yes, that`s what you did! We really can`t do better: many articulation agreements guarantee automatic acceptance of any student who has obtained an associate degree with a certain cumulative GPA. Some institutions will indicate what type of degree association (art association vs. Associate of Science vs. Associate of Applied Science) is required for guaranteed authorization. Of course, the admission guarantee may exclude some programs that have higher admission criteria – so make sure you do your research at university. Community university students who move to large programs such as English or mathematics have little difficulty finding the prerequisites and finding a compatible school. However, for more competitive programs such as care, it may take longer for them to be included in the program, to even begin the process of satisfying conditions that further delay the transfer. Studies also show that in some countries it is more difficult for students in the community to graduate and graduate. Career And Technology Education Management Application (CATEMA®) is a web-based application that allows teachers and staff in colleges and high schools to manage information on articulation credits on courses, classrooms, school districts, high schools, teachers and students. The application was designed to provide a simple method for inputting, updating, displaying and reporting course articulation results and career and technology training information. This web interface allows students, teachers and school administrators to create and manage their own user accounts. For more information, see the teachers` manual and/or the Counselor_Administrator guide.

Any non-chapter 74 high school that is interested in arting courses with QCC can fill out the „Equivalency Request Race“ forms that are provided on the QCC website. Articulated courses are courses that „reflect“ college credit courses. Students take these courses during high school and receive university credits if they enroll in QCC and qualify. Once the high school courses are approved, QCC and the high school sign an articulation agreement. Students who take courses through independent articulation agreements must meet all state requirements to obtain university credits. When they finish high school and have an average „B“ (3.0) in their professional education and an overall average of 2.0 („C“), they obtain a university credit as soon as they enroll in the QCC.C.C. The articulation agreements define the transfer credit policy of the four-year institution. As a general rule, the articulation agreement indicates the maximum number of credits transferred.