Costs may vary depending on the complexity of the agreement. Our standard service, which covers most contracts, is provided at our reference price. In most cases, this is the total amount of the fee. If complex additional terms are to be devised, there may be additional costs, but we would always discuss the actual costs before we continued. It is unlikely that the agreement will be used with product or growth companies, since it is often appropriate for the shareholders of these companies to give up their stake after they have ceased to operate in the company. Before setting itself in the legal language, the starting point determines the themes to be covered by the agreement. As a general rule, this includes: in the event that a shareholder attempts to leave the company, other shareholders may wish to restrict the ability of outgoing shareholders to form or work in a competing company. These restrictions may be stricter than can be the case in any employment contract and they can be very valuable in protecting the interests of the company in the future. A shareholder contract is often read in relation to the statutes of a company (constitutional document of a company) and the services contracts of directors, which are in fact an employment contract between the company and a director. The compulsory repurchase of the shares of outgoing shareholders gives a guarantee to the shareholders continuously and to the outgoing shareholders. However, it creates a commercial risk because the remaining company or shareholders may not be afforded to finance the purchase. To address this risk, the presentation gives the remaining shareholders the opportunity to dissolve the company if they do not wish to enter into a takeover.

These are just some of the reasons why a shareholder contract is important and useful for a company to be in its arsenal and protect individual shareholders. Each agreement should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to operate as the company and shareholders wish, and be updated and re-evaluated when shareholders come and go. There are other issues that can be included in these agreements, such as the . B: The shareholders` pact aims to ensure fair treatment of shareholders and the protection of their rights. If your articles need to be updated, we take the time to advise you and listen to your requirements so that we can make the most of the new model items in the 2006 Companies Act and then adapt them to your needs (for example. B, insert a special article that authorizes share transfers only if a selling shareholder has offered them first to other shareholders). Once we have had a first discussion, we can usually give you a fixed offer for your review of the incorporation of companies. This is by no means an exhaustive list of what should be added to a shareholders` pact, as the requirements vary from transaction to transaction. We strongly recommend that you always seek professional legal advice when drafting shareholder contracts.

In order to ensure your safety, we offer a service to review the company`s constitution in order to verify your status and your shareholders` pact. We often find that the statutes are established by Denern, at a time when the founders of the company do not have the time or inclination to take into account many of the above points (for example, if you are unlucky, they should not prevent your co-shareholders from contacting whomever they want or they should not allow you to appoint an assistant director who can vote on your behalf at board meetings).