Finding a rental property can take time, especially in cities popular with other expats. During the tenancy period, the tenant may challenge the rent as unfair and demand that it be reduced to the next termination date if the landlord has reason to believe that the lessor is receiving an excessive return on the rental property due to substantial changes in the basis of calculation, particularly a reduction in costs. The owner may require rental security. In the case of a tenancy agreement, the warranty requested may not exceed three months` rent. The landlord is required to deposit the guarantee into a savings account or deposit account in the tenant`s name. The average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in Switzerland`s city centre is $1,365 – although this cost naturally varies enormously depending on where you decide to live. There are large expatriate communities, especially in the major cities of Geneva, Lausanne, Basel and Zurich, but accommodation is one of the most expensive in the country. It costs 1,822 euros per month for an average one-bed seat in central Zurich, 1,685 euros in Geneva and Basel costs 1,400 euros per month. All this for a one-bedroom apartment. If you want more for your money in Switzerland, you can look in the suburbs and suburbs.

With efficient public transport, travelling is very easy as long as you are willing to exchange a slightly longer shuttle for a reduction in your rental costs. The most important provisions are in art. 253 to 274 g of Swiss bond law as well as in the regulation relating to the rental and leasing of residential and commercial real estate. In addition, there are several other relevant rules. Rentals are common in Switzerland. About 40% of people own a house, while 60% of the dwellings are rental units. In popular cities such as Zurich, Basel and Geneva, rents are even higher and slightly lower in rural areas. Like so many people of all ages and from any nerage family, there is a wide range of real estate types available. You`ll find everything from chic downtown apartments to old farms and even the strange castle. However, it can be difficult to find an excellent place to live in Switzerland, especially in large cities.

More than 60% of people rent their homes in Switzerland, but there is a lack of housing that can be rented at any time. It is worth researching before you move to the area where you want to live, as some neighbourhoods are particularly difficult to find a rental building.