Robert Hosking, Managing Director of Karoon, said: „We are very pleased to be working with Shell to commercialize and ship Bana`s oil production. This agreement adds value to access to final customers who are currently purchasing similar oil in Brazil and allows Karoon to load larger vessels, reducing transportation costs. Overall, Karoon expects a rise in net return prices for FOB production. These agreements are subject to the financial conclusion of the Bana transaction and inclusion in the loan mechanism is subject to due diligence and the negotiation and conclusion of the final documents. Karoon Energy Ltd („Karoon“) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Karoon Petéleo e Ges Ltda („KPG“), has signed a marketing agreement with Shell Western Trading and Supply Limited („Shell West“), a member of the Royal Dutch Shell plc group, to market and ship crude oil to the Brazilian supply and supply field. The marketing agreement has a maximum duration of 5 years and allows Karoon access to Shell West`s global marketing and shipping platform As part of the trade negotiations, Karoon and Shell West entered into terms and Shell West obtained an internal credit authorization for a $50 million credit facility at the Australian level. This lending mechanism will be used as a capital reserve mechanism. Karoon will now try to finalize the loan documents under the usual conditions. The UK North Sea industry is asking for rapid support for the Low Carbon Energy Conversion Module Instructions: To start this module, click „Preview“ below. Please note that Petroleum Online is designed to be completed gradually. As you review the exams in the different sections, the following section links are activated. Once they are active, they remain accessible for the rest of your course.

Rockhopper Exploration offers Sea Lion Farm-in Update. Crude Oil Trade: ExxonMobil renounces the sale of Bass Strait`s assets in Australia Modules Objectives: The objective of this module is to examine how crude oil markets and prices are established on the basis of global and regional supply and global demand, how organizations such as OPEC influence these markets and how crude oil is sold and traded at the wholesale level. Image: Royal Dutch Shell is based in the Netherlands. (Credit: P.L. van Till bei nl.wikipedia) In this module, you will find media symbols as shown below. Click on these icons to open flash videos, interactive media or listen to audio segments.