The National Trust for Canada is proud to be a member of the International Organization of National Trusts (INTO), which today has more than 60 member organizations working together to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of all nations for the good of the world. 14/71 Constitution Avenue, Campbell ACT ▪ P.O. Box 1002 ▪ Civic Square ACT ▪ AUSTRALIA 2612Tel: `61 02 6247 6766 ▪ Fax: `61 02 6249 which is committed to promoting and preserving Australia`s indigenous, natural and historical heritage through its representation of the interests and preservation of cultural monuments. The National National Trust Movement of Australia was founded in 1945 in New South Wales by Annie Wyatt, who, along with a group of other citizens, highlighted the community`s awareness of the widespread destruction of built and natural heritage in Sydney. Each national trust of the state and territory is a fully autonomous entity, which is responsible for the management of its own affairs. The Australian Council of National Trusts (ACNT) was established in 1965. It represents the interests of the National Trust Fund at the federal level, provides a forum for information exchange and increasingly coordinates the work of the constituent bodies. PROPERTIES: Together, the organization owns or manages more than 300 cultural sites (the majority is maintained for the long term), manages a volunteer staff of 7,000 and employs approximately 350 people at the federal level. In search of Ntional Trust mutual agreements, I found a link to Fondo Ambiente Italiano on its website.

As everything is in Italian, I can`t tell if I can visit sites in Italy with my NT card. Does anyone know? The Heritage Foundation The goal of the Heritage Foundation is to preserve, develop and disseminate the awareness of our national heritage. The emphasis is on identifying, conserving and restoring unprotected heritage. Yes, yes. Membership in the National Trust for Scotland opens up an entire world heritage for members. We have reciprocal membership agreements with similar organizations around the world that grant free or concessional entry to trust members. Learn more about what you can explore with your membership. 4. Fl. Kaiji Center Bldg., 5 ▪ Kojimachi-4chome ▪ Chiyoda-ku ▪ Tokyo 1002-0083 ▪ JAPANTel: `81 3 6380 8511 ▪ fax 81 3 3237 1190www.national-trust.or.jpThe Japan National Trust was established in December 1968 as a non-profit organisation with the aim, the Environment Commission, fisheries and the environment has been implemented through citizen participation, conservation, management and the optimal use of Japan`s natural beauty and important cultural assets. Since its inception, the Japan National Trust has been based on three main types: surveys, research reports and doctoral activities, which aim to communicate the trust`s achievements to a broad audience and to promote increased member participation.