Being a student can be expensive at a time. I`m lucky Chapman has your back. For personal use, students can purchase a variety of computers, devices, Microsoft software and Internet access at reduced prices through Chapman`s agreements with the vendors listed below. So you don`t pay more than you need! Note that these purchases cannot be refunded by the university. The Residence Hall guide is your guide to life and resources on campus. It is updated annually in August. Apple on Campus is a special program agreed between the University of South Australia and Apple. The goal of the agreement is to allow UniSA students to access a full range of Apple products at great prices. Our services mean you can focus on what`s most important – your classes. 1.

You must be at least 18 years old to redeem for a loan. You`ll get more detailed information from Apple`s licensed partner for the exchange and recycling of authorized devices. Limitations and limitations may apply. Not all devices are ready. Payments are based on the device you received, which corresponds to the description you gave during the estimate. The amount of the trade-in varies depending on the state and type of computer in which you operate. All purchases of Apple computers with university money must be made via WebReq through purchasing services, using offers from a UVic-specific online store. A technical authorization form is required for all Apple computers. The Apple on Campus program allows you to get up to 14% off a Mac: If you want to turn your computer into a digital center, you can save money on Apple screens and Apple software, as well as a selection of third-party software. Watch what`s happening nearby See what`s happening nearby Discover more trade in your current Mac and get up to $XXXX in credit.

. Buy online and get a quick, free, contactless delivery. University Housing has implemented a COVID-19 plan to best manage the on-campus moving and housing experience. The Apple Institutional Store will send a PDF offer via email to the email address you enter when backing up your shopping cart. Some users report a delay of 5 to 20 minutes in receiving the email, depending on the time of day. If you use filters for your inbox, you may need to check the junk mail or folder. The details of each purchase program, offer, discount, accuracy of information, etc. in this section is managed by each provider. UniSA only provides this site for informational purposes. Buying from Apple`s Purdue University website is a good way to enjoy the pricing benefits of Apple`s education on Mac® computer, Apple software and selected accessories.

It`s also an easy way to buy an iPad® or iPhone® and offers you customization and customization options. The university does NOT give recommendations for making or modeling devices purchased from individuals. Apple on Campus is a fully secure private online store that has been specially designed for you. It is available on the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or you can call our friendly Mac experts during normal working hours. They are trained to give you the best advice and only take your order if you are ready.